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Founded in 1905, Dalian Top-Eastern Tungsten Technology Ltd. is the earliest solid carbide manufacturer in China. At its inception it was named as Dalian Hard Metal Factory. In 2003 year, it was acquired by Dalian Top-Eastern Group. With the Group's supports Dalian Top-Eastern Tungsten Technology Ltd. has built a complete production chain from Tungsten concentrate production to Material preparation to final products manufacture. 

We are dedicated to delivering the market's widest range of Tungsten Carbide from the blanks & preforms to precision cutting tools, from the buttons/inserts/studs to Anvils & PDC Substrates. We mainly provide 5 categories of Carbide products:
-Carbide for Mining/Oil Exploration
-Carbide for Construction/Engineering
-Carbide for Diamond Technology
-Carbide for Metal processing
-Carbide blanks & Preforms
As the market leader of Tungsten carbide products, we constantly serve at the forefront of knowledge and technology of Cemented carbide. This means we can provide the industry standards and innovations demanded by the Metalworking, Mining, Construction, Oil/Gas & Rock Drilling and Wear parts industries.

We pride ourselves on providing highest quality of service by utilizing our Hot Isostatic Pressing center. We own 3 set of large scale hot Isostatic presses. One of them is manufactured by QUINTUS Technology, which is the world leader in high pressure technology. We combine our material expertise with the outstanding engineering skills throughout our workforce to help customers optimize the manufacture of high performance components.